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The Buffer

BelleCore and SevenlyFIT have partnered to bring you the bodybuffer: your new fitness tool.  

BelleCore bodybuffers' multidirectional oscillating shear forces combined with pulsed vibration result in a significant increase in tissue perfusion after only 15 seconds of treatment. 



Kick-Start your Fitness Routine & Speed your Muscle Recovery

BelleCore bodybuffers’ multidirectional oscillating shear forces combined with pulsed vibration result in a significant increase in tissue perfusion/temperature after only 15 seconds of treatment. This change in blood flow and temperature in treated muscle groups persists and spreads after treatment has ended.

True deep tissue massage in general is uncomfortable, often even painful. Building on present knowledge of the interplay of pain and mechanoreceptors in muscles and joints, BelleCore has taken mechanical massage to the next level, enabling practitioners, therapists and individuals to get deeper faster due to better tolerance. Unlike the usual back and forth or bi-directional movement of most oscillating or vibrating devices, the multidirectional oscillating and vibratory shear forces of the bodybuffer are less irritating and even pacify the pain and mechanoreceptors omnipresent in every muscle, ligament and joint.

The circular eccentric orbital movement and the specific surface area of the bodybuffer are perceived to be gentler, thus more readily accepted on soft and connective tissue, allowing a more intense, vigorous massage which assists joint and connective tissue healing: Injured joints/tissues are usually swollen and therefore ‘stiff’ and immobile. The bodybuffers’ multidirectional oscillating and vibratory shear forces stimulate/manipulate the pain and mechanoreceptors, thereby reducing pain perception. The bodybuffers help to reduce soft tissue edema associated with inflammatory processes, re-mobilize tissue layers, thus allow an earlier return to physiologic function no longer compromised by pain, edema or tissue adhesion/ scarring.



  • Ergonomic design, powerful enough for professional use, easy and safe for individual home use
  • Smaller foot print than most oscillators allows for more targeted therapies (IT band, plantar fasciitis)
  • Larger surface area than most vibrating devices results in better tolerance (pacification of pain and mechanoreceptors)
  • Multi-directional shear forces provide easy and effective myofascial release without additional manipulation
  • Faster, more effective and longer lasting increase in perfusion/warm up of tissues
  • FDA registered and listed as 510(k) Class 1 exempt device, CE certified, universal motor, detachable 9 foot cord


Sports Recovery and Muscle Performance

The beneficial effects of massage on sore muscles have been documented in numerous medical and scientific journals. Most agree that deep tissue massage action will increase circulation, flush out metabolic waste (such as lactic acid) and increase lymphatic flow – all of which aid in muscle recovery. Recent research suggests that early massage of exercise-induced muscle damage can improve muscle strength and positional awareness (proprioception) by mechanically manipulating superficial muscle layers.

Bodybuffers are effective, powerful muscle massagers for both high performance athletes and weekend warriors. Their demanding, daily training invariably leads to intra-muscular build up of metabolic waste as well as exercise-induced muscle damage which can result in prolonged muscle soreness.

The bodybuffer’s strong vibratory massage reaches the deep, soft tissues, small and large muscle groups enhancing blood flow, lymphatic flow and oxygen supply. These actions help dissipate and flush out metabolic waste products.

When the metabolic waste is expelled, recovery is accelerated thus enhancing performance.

As the bodybuffer’s deep vibrating massage action focuses directly on the muscles, using the bodybuffer pre-exercise to warm up muscles will not inflict any stress on the joints (unlike the extreme stretching many still employ pre-exercise). Using the bodybuffer post-exercise (as described above) helps flush metabolic waste from the muscles and enhances tissue perfusion with fresh, oxygenated blood. Additionally, the stimulation to the lymphatic system helps reduce edema/abnormal swelling.

For best results, use the bodybuffer before and after exercise routines on a relaxed muscle. Adjustment in body position allows one to relax the individual muscle groups targeted. Specifically, the buttocks – gluteal and periformis muscles, thighs – quadriceps and hamstrings, calf – gastrocnemius and soleus and arms – triceps and biceps.


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